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doTERRA Essential Oils

I recommend getting started with the Home Essentials Kit (you’ll receive our top 10 oils and a diffuser at a discounted price) but there are great kits at every price range, so choose what suits you best!

Pending where you live, here are the enrolment kits available to you:


New Zealand

United States



Hong Kong


I’ll share some more ways with you in our welcome PDF - but here are my favourites to get you thinking about how you might like to start using them too.

A drop of lemon in a warm glass of water each morning 

A drop of Frankincense and Lavender in my face oil/moisturiser morning and night

I wear Rose and Jasmine essential oils as my perfume (and have never smelt better!)

I carry Peppermint oil with me as a pick me up and breath freshener (a simple swipe on my finger, pressed up into the roof of my mouth)

I love rolling InTune (focus blend) on my temples at the beginning of my work day

Diffuse grounding and calming oils for sleep, such as Vetiver and Easy Air at night

I take Life Long Vitality supplements for a variety of health benefits.

doTERRA’s free Loyalty Rewards Program

A monthly drop of hand selected products by you, for your family, based on your individual needs. This is the best way to start slowly shifting your spending and replace existing products (that you’re already buying) with natural alternatives – and be rewarded with free products along the way.

It is the most intelligent way to order.

Many of the products are household items you would be purchasing on a monthly basis anyway (which means you can save on your grocery bill and start earning free products from something you’re already buying).

Placing an order of 125PV or more, shipped before the 15th of every month, means that you will also receive a free oil, as well as product points (up to 30%). This free oil varies each month, helping you to grow your collection.

What is PV? 

dōTERRA place a point value or PV on every product they sell, to help create a common global currency (as they service many markets around the world).

The Loyalty Rewards Program also gives you the ability to earn bonuses through various compensation schemes that can help you pay for your oils, or replace your full time income.  The choice is entirely up to you.

Lock in contracts?

Nope. You can cancel your monthly order at any time by simply logging into your account. Your doTERRA wholesale account remains active for 12 months, so you can re-activate your monthly order and pick up where you left off any time throughout that period.

We all know someone. Someone who probably knows someone, who knows a few someones, who each know someone else...

This is how doTERRA has grown from an independently funded startup to having over 5 million loyal customers (because the products speak for themselves) in less than 10 years. 

Once you have enrolled as a Wellness Advocate and have set up your LRP (to 100PV or more each month), you’ll be eligible to start earning commissions. All you need to do is share your unique website (which doTERRA creates for you when you sign up) to receive 25% profit on the purchases customers make from your site.


It’s collaborative leadership at it’s finest. We’re all working together to;

1. Empower people with quality natural alternatives 

2. Shift dollars towards communities and projects who need it most

3. Provide a business opportunity that requires minimal overheads (your monthly LRP is all you need)


By joining my team, you will have access to some of doTERRA’s highest earners - all their secrets, business training and one on one support.

I’ve written a whole page on it here, if you’d like to learn a little more.

If you don't yet have your own doTERRA wholesale account and live in Australia, I would love to send you a personalised sample.

Simply email me below to request a sample, with a little information on the health concern/s you'd like to address. 

For example, you might like to: improve digestion, sleep deeper, decrease pain, soothe skin irritations, increase energy, focus or calm nervous feelings. Let me know your top priority and preferred method of contact (email, text, IG or FB message) so I can get in touch.

I'd love to hear from you. x

Head here for next steps. 

Choose to enrol as either a Wellness Consult (if you're considering building the business) or Wholesale Customer (with the option to build the business in the future, if you wish). 

You will receive 25% off all products, by enrolling as either option.