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Create Extra Income with dōTERRA

Network marketing has had a pretty bad wrap (especially in Australia). I get it. I understand your hesitation.

I’ve had the same thoughts and doubts and took a lot of convincing and ‘proof in the pudding’ before truly putting myself out there and committing to building this business.

“Is it one of those pyramid schemes?” or “It sounds like a scam” and of course, “Didn’t my Aunt do something like this?”.

Even after using these products religiously for over three years, personally experiencing physical and emotional benefits and witnessing others enjoy the same; it still took a while to warm to the idea of sharing the oils professionally.

But, if you look close enough, it all boils down to one very simple truthdōTERRA offers us the purest, highest quality essential oils and plant infused products on the market.

Products that significantly improve lives. 

So, come with your questions! The doors are open to all skeptics, too.

A quick breakdown

dōTERRA offers the purest, highest quality essential oils and plant infused products on the market. They scour the earth to find the highest quality plants available and through industry-leading, responsible sourcing practices they maintain agricultural sustainability in partnerships with local growers (in over 40 countries) across the globe.

dōTERRA supports sourcing communities by providing resources and tools to amplify thoughtful and impactful local projects. Raising self-reliance, increased access to healthcare, education, sanitation and fight against human trafficking.

dōTERRA has corporate offices in 17 countries. These corporate employees support a global network of more than seven million customers in nearly 100 countries.

dōTERRA allows us to share high quality essential oils, low-toxic everyday lifestyle products and nutritional supplements online.

dōTERRA manages marketing, distribution, shipping, ongoing education and customer service.

dōTERRA has even designed your own personal e-commerce store, which you receive the moment you open an account. They fund the development, hosting and management of a global e-commerce network used by millions daily.

The hard yards are done for us. It’s up to us, to simply share and amplify their impact.


What’s involved?

As long as you keep your monthly order above 100PV (although I recommend keeping it above 125PV - 150PV to help fast track your Team’s growth and receive the product of the month), you’ll be eligible to receive income.

No matter if you have 2 hours a week to invest in building your business, or 10, there is an opportunity for you to start earning some income.

It all starts with enrolling as a Wellness Advocate by using the link here. Select your enrolment kit and set-up yourLoyalty Rewards Program - your doTERRA monthly order filled with clean and natural versions of things you already use (like skin care, supplements, laundry liquid, cleaning products, and more).

Once you’re in, we’ll step you through the rest and create a path together that suits you best. 

How to speak to family, friends and colleagues about the oils. How to teach a simple essential oil class online or in person. The most effective tools and hacks we’ve learnt along the way (including everything that didn’t work so well too!). 

The pace and scale of your business is entirely up to you.

Even with over 7 million customers, we're only really just getting started. This is your invitation to take a seat at the table.

You in? I can’t wait to connect and collaborate.

Love Jess x